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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the presets will work equally well on either PC or Mac.

Most resources will work in all versions of Lightroom from V4 on. However, some preset and brush values might not be available in version 4. If possible, I recommend that you use the latest version of Lightroom

When you download a resource, you'll find a Product Licence inside. This clearly states how the resources can be used. In a nutshell, you're welcome to use the resources for your own, personal use but I ask you to respect my copyright and not distribute the content.
If you'd like to share the resources, please point your friends and colleagues to my web site, where they can purchase and download their own copies. This will ensure that they are also kept up to date with product updates.

Yes, please, I'd be delighted to receive your suggestions for new resources. You can reach me via my contact page.