Colour Portrait Presets & Brushes

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This pack of over 130 Development Presets and Local Adjustment Brushes has been designed specifically for bringing the best out of your colour portrait photographs. I've built and fine-tuned this processing pack over several years and I employ them on an almost daily basis for my assignment work for editorial and NGO clients. Having a reliable processing workflow has also allowed me to maintain a consistent approach with my stock photography work, something that has proved its value many times over.

Each preset works independently, allowing the photographer to create an organic workflow, managing exposure, shadows, highlights, clarity and other attributes individually. The effects are cumulative and because the workflow is non-destructive and non-linear, it's possible to retrace and adjust each setting without affecting other values.

Includes presets for global control:  
  • Exposure Pack to control tonal balance, shadows and highlights
  • ISO100 to ISO3200 grain simulation
  • Subtle to pronounced vignettes
  • Highlight and Shadow Toning control

Local Adjustment Brushes and Filters

  • Exposure Pack
  • Skin smoothing
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Eye whites, teeth whitening and "Iris Bump"

The combination of global presets and local adjustment filters combine to give the photographer a virtually infinite number of possibilities.

Includes installation instructions.


Adobe Lightroom PDF Instructions Video Tutorial

The presets and brushes in this pack require Adobe Lightroom.

Not all presets are supported in Lightroom v4. Version 5 and above is recommended.

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