Lightroom Greyscale Identity Plate

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Creating a consistent environment for digital processing is an important consideration. When I'm travelling, I'll make my first editing decisions on a laptop computer. Laptops are great for their portability and allow us to store, manage and edit image files on the move.

However, the ambient light changes as we move from location to location. Images viewed on a laptop screen when we're sitting at an outdoor coffee shop in Rome are going to look a lot different than they will on the same screen in a gloomy hotel room in Kathmandu.

The angle of the screen can obviously vary a lot and tilting a laptop screen by just a few degrees can make a considerable difference to the way we perceive tones in an image. It's not an ideal situation when we're making potentially critical editing choices.

I created this Greyscale file to provide a quick way to check that I'm viewing my laptop screen from the optimum angle. It's designed to sit inside the Identity Plate space in Adobe Lightroom. that's the space in the top left corner, where you might currently have your name or company logo.

The Greyscale file is available as part of my Photographer's Workflow e-book, which provides a step-by-step guide to creating a consistent digital workflow. I recommend that you check it out.

In the meantime, you can download the Greyscale file for free and import it to your Adobe Lightroom application. The video below is one of a series that's included with the Photographer's Workflow e-book.

Adobe PDF Reader Adobe Lightroom Greyscale Identity Plate

Includes Greyscale file and installation instructions.


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