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Customised Panel End Mark for Adobe LightroomIf you're a Lightroom user, you may have noticed the symbols at the foot of the left and right panels. These 'End Marks' indicate where the panels finish - so the nice people at Adobe named them pretty well!

Whilst the little flourish is nice enough, did you know that it's possible to customise those panel end marks? You might like to put your logo at the end of the left and right panels, for example.

Better still, how about a reminder of your Lightroom Ratings and Colour Labels?

I'm using Lightroom all the time but I still occasionally like to remind myself what my colour labels indicate or what the difference is between my three star and four star ratings. I've found that setting up a panel end mark with that information serves as a quick and handy reminder. It's always right there in Lightroom and was especially useful when I was building a new workflow and wanted to ensure that I was rating and labelling my images consistently.

This free download includes a Photoshop .psd file which you can edit with your own text. It also includes a step-by-step guide and the files required to install the font that I used to create the file.

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom

Includes Panel End Mark template, Customisation & Installation guide, Kelson Font.

Note: The .psd file must be edited in Adobe Photoshop

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